Business Partners:

Please join us in recognizing those local businesses who have stepped up and provided financial support to the Pride of Sunrise Marching Band.  Without their contribution, many of our programs and activities would not be made possible.  We encourage our band members, band families, school faculty and the entire SMHS student body to show support to the following business who have shown support for SMHS.

We encourage everyone to show their “love” by visiting and purchasing from our following supporters:

Walmart has been a generous year over year supporter of the SMHS Bands program.

In 2019 Walmart generously provided $2,000.  In 2018 Walmart provided a donation of $1,500.  We are delighted to have such an amazing community partner and share their generosity.

The donation is being used to purchase items to fill our store for fundraising.  All proceeds of our fundraising efforts will be used to pay for the Waves show music and choreography as well as instrument replacement.

Huge Thank You to Walmart.

This year Fry’s Food Stores will contribute $2 Million to non-profit organizations.  Help the SMHS Bandwagon claim their share of these contributions.  It’s easy!  Link your Fry’s VIP card to the bandwagon by following the steps below.

  • Visit the Fry’s Community Rewards Program page.
  • Click the Enroll Now button.
  • Sign In with your Fry’s account information or Register for a new free account.
  • Search for “SMHS Bandwagon” or use our organization number of “36390”.
  • Select SMHS Bandwagon from the search results and click the Enroll button.

Each time you shop at Fry’s and checkout using your associated Fry’s VIP card you’ll help the bandwagon claim its share of non-profit funding.

Support the band when you shop online at Amazon.  When you shop online at you can now select SMHS Bandwagon as the charity to support.  When you use the link a portion of your purchase will support the bandwagon.  Reset your Amazon bookmark to always start at the smile URL.  We don’t get any benefit when you purchase through  You must use for us to receive any benefit.

Our direct link is:  Once properly setup you’ll see Supporting: Smhs Bandwagon in the web page header (as shown below).

Lunde’s Peoria Volkswagen is a generous supporter of SMHS Bands.  In 2019, Lunde’s has donated $2,000 to the bands program which included a banner purchase, support for Winter Guard and support for the Sounds at Sunrise Invitational.  In 2018, Lunde’s purchased a $500 banner and Lunde’s sponsored the SMHS Pass In Review.  The generous support of Lunde’s allowed the band to purchase much needed band equipment.

Thank you so much Lunde’s.

Top Shelf has been a HUGE supporter of the SMHS Bands program.  In 2019, Top Shelf generously donated $700 in food towards a banner as well as our Homecoming fundraising meal.  With the support this amazing partner we have been able to take our fundraising to he next level.  Any funds from our fundraising will go to purchase band equipment and pay for show design fees.

We are glad to have such a great partner in Top Shelf.

LifeStorage has supported the SMHS Bands program in both 2018 and 2019 by purchasing a $500+ banner which is posted on the SMHS school site.  The generous donation/purchase of the banner allowed the SMHS Bands program to purchase much needed musical equipment.

Thank you LifeStorage

Katie Campbell’s State Farm office is a partner and supporter of the SMHS Bands program. Her office provided insurance for the Band trailer.  In addition, she provided a donation of $575 for purchase of banner for posting on SMHS site all year.

We value the partnership with Katie and her support.

Thank you Katie!

SMHS Bands was invited to be part of the Arrowhead Valley Retirement Community Grand Opening.  For a generous donation of $800, the SMHS Marching Band played for the residents of the community.  This amazing community and it’s residents were so happy to meet our students and enjoy the performance.

Thank you Resort Lifestyle Communities.

Sardella’s has been a multi-year supporter of the SMHS Bands.  In 2019, Sardella’s generously provided a donation of $575 for purchase of a banner.  The donation was provided in the form of food for Future Freshman night and for Homecoming.  In 2018, Sardella’s has also provided cost savings for our large orders for band events.

We value the partnership with Sardella’s and look forward to continue partnership in years to come.

In 2019 Westside Concepts, the owner of Haymaker and The Social on 83rd provided a generous donation of $575 this year to purchase a banner for posting on the SMHS property.  This is the first year that Westside Concepts has partnered with the Bands program.

We are delighted to have a new partner with Westside Concepts.

Thank you Joe!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

For information on how your family or business can be highlighted as a Premiere Partner of Pride of Sunrise please contact Lisa at 602-717-1077 or email