Immediate Needs:

5 Containers Large Hand Sanitizer
10 Containers Pledge Wipes (for shoes and hat cleaning)
15 Pairs Black Socks
2 Boxes Large Black Garbage Bags
5 Bags Costco Plates
5 Bags Costco Napkins
2 Box XL Box Forks
15 Bottles Fabreeze
30 Each Towels for carwashs, etc.

Arizona Tax Credit

If you pay taxes in Arizona you’re able to make a donation to the Sunrise Mountain High School Band program resulting in a dollar for dollar reduction in your taxes.  Imagine telling the government how to spend the money it collects.  That’s exactly what this program allows you to do.

Single or Head of Household can contribute up to $200 per year ($400 for Married Filing Jointly).  This is a tax credit that directly reduces the amount of tax you owe. If you’re getting a refund it will increase your refund by the amount of the contribution.
How does it work?

  1. Make a donation to the band online through the school district secure web site
  2. For the school choose Sunrise Mountain High School
  3. For the program choose Band
  4. The district receives the money and earmarks is exclusively for our band use
  5. Next year file form 301 and 322 with your Arizona tax return
  6. Your Arizona state taxes are reduced by the amount of the contribution

A tax credit is available to all Arizona taxpayers, regardless if they have children in school or not. Anyone who resides or owns property and can file taxes in the state of Arizona can make a tax credit contribution.  So grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. can be encouraged to make a donation.  Our goal is to have parents of all band students participating in this program.

Donate Now

Corporate Donations:

For more information on how your family or business can be highlighted as a Premiere Partner of Pride of Sunrise please contact Lisa at 602-717-1077 or email