District Volunteer Requirement

We are so glad that we have lots of parents who are interested in helping.  That means a lot to the group.  In order to be a volunteer, the district requires you to complete a volunteer application.  Click to access the paperwork and watch required videos.  This must be completed each school year.

Complete the Parent/Guardian Application Packet and give it the band director.  It asks what you are volunteering for.  In the Special Areas section select Band.  There is also an emergency card on the application.  That is for the school to keep on file in case something happens.  Please complete this as soon as you can.  It is required before you can volunteer.

When you show up to volunteer please sign in.  Sign out when you are done.  See the volunteer coordinator or designated representative for the sign in sheet.

Earn $$ for Band Expenses – Cardinal Stadium

Looking for a creative way to pay for your child to be in the band?  Work at the State Farm Stadium for Cardinals games (and other events) to raise funds that can be used for band items that you would normally have to pay out-of-pocket.

SMHS has partnered with Kellis (High School) Marching Corps bandwagon (KMC Booster Club) to provide volunteers to work at the stadium.  The “earnings” are split between SMHS Bandwagon and KMC Booster Club based on the number of workers each organization provides.  As of 7/1/2019 earnings credited to SMHS Bandwagon are then split 25/75.  25% of the earnings goes to fund the SMHS Bandwagon; the other 75% goes into an account for a student that you designate (usually your child).

Band expenses you may apply stadium funds to include uniform fees, camp fees, band(s) sponsored activities fees, equipment fees.  We cannot reimburse the district participation fee.  Once you work at the stadium, KMC will send us a check for your hours worked and we will add the credit to your balance.  When you incur a band expense charge (see valid expenses above), you will pay fees to the bookstore for your fees and we will reimburse you from your credit balance.

Anyone over the age of 18 is able to volunteer and there is no minimum number of events to work required. The requirements are a 3-hour orientation/training, a background check performed by the NFL and obtaining a food handle/s card (which can be obtained on line for a minimal fee).  There are very limited opportunities for students aged 16-18 to work as well.

A typical football game/work day is about 8 hours, but it’s not as hard as it may sound – it’s really a lot of fun as the Cardinals have the best fans!

If you wish to participate, you are required to attend one of the following Orientation/Training sessions. Please send an email with the following information to cardinals@kellismarchingcorps.com:

*Date you wish to attend
*Name (and age if minor)
*Email address & phone number
*Which position you would like to train for, cashier/head cashier/stand manager.
(Please note you must have worked previous games to be stand manager).

Available Training Sessions

Thursday, September 12nd 6pm – 9pm

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register and have your photo taken for your stadium badge. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter.

Bring to Orientation/Training:
*state issued photo ID
*volunteer agreement form
*volunteer data sheet
(both volunteer forms will be emailed to you upon your registration request)

Returning Volunteers:
You are not required to attend training again, but you do need to sign the volunteer agreement again to get your new badge. All volunteers will receive new badges this year to reflect the name change to State Farm Stadium. If you still need the new volunteer agreement for the 2019-20 season, please email cardinals@kellismarchingcorps.com to have it sent to you.

2019-2020 Stadium Earning Opportunities

Sunday, September 8th – Cardinals vs. Lions   Sunday, September 22nd – Cardinals vs. Panthers

Sunday, September 29th – Cardinals vs. Seahawks   TENTATIVE: Saturday, October 5th – Monster Jam

Sunday, October 13th – Cardinals vs. Falcons   Thursday, October 31st – Cardinals vs. 49ers

Sunday, December 1st – Cardinals vs. Rams   Sunday, December 8th – Cardinals vs. Steelers

Sunday, December 15th – Cardinals vs. Browns   Saturday, December 28th – Fiesta Bowl

Additional event dates TBD

Parent Volunteers Needed – Game Nights and Competitions

Each week we rely on our parent volunteers to ensure a successful performance.  Lots of work goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen.  Friday night football games help condition both the band and parents for upcoming competitions.  There are many ways to get involved.  We need several parents to help with each of the following positions.

To sign up go to www.signupgenius.com and enter sign up list creator email address:  Volunteer@prideofsunrise.org

Which role would be best for you?

Ice & Water

Hydrate the band! Early in the season the students are performing in a full uniform while it is still hot.  They need to drink plenty of water to avoid overheating.  Parents filling this role arrive early to fill coolers with ice and water.  For away games we ensure the water gets loaded on the truck with the other equipment.  Move water jugs into the stadium for students to use during the game.  Late in the 4th quarter dump out the coolers.  Get coolers packed on truck (away games/competitions).  Finally, return the coolers to their storage locations.

Truck Team

Move the band! All of the competitions and half of the football games are off site.  So the truck team helps move all the equipment.  Parents in this role arrive early and coordinate loading 100+ students worth of equipment into our 26′ band equipment truck.  Once you arrive at the show – do it all in reverse.  Unpack the truck and let the kids get their equipment.   Finally, return to the school and unload the truck for the final time.  Must enjoy hot sweaty work.  Cheerful disposition welcome.

Bus Chaperone

Move-em Orderly! For away games and competitions we need two parents per bus.  At the school check students onto the bus.  At the destination, verify the same list of students get back on the same bus.  Signal band director the bus is clear to depart.  One Bus Chaperone will be responsible for carrying the first aid kit and ladies bag.

Assist Frontline/Pit

Take a Pit Stop! “The Pit” refers to the students at the very front of the band that don’t march around the field.  Help the students move equipment on and off the field.  Also parents need to be aware of the time constraints imposed during competitions.  These parents are also responsible for prop transportation on/off field.

Assist Color Guard

Capture the Flag! Parents in this role will move chairs and equipment on/off truck.   Immediately after the performance help the color guard remove flags and other equipment from the field.  Also assist the Color Guard coaches with tasks as requested.

Drum Major Stands

Make our drum majors visible! SMHS has two drum majors and one interpreter.  In order to be seen by the entire band from anywhere on the field they are elevated on large metal stands.  Parents in this role setup the stands take them down as soon as the show is complete.


Dress the Band!  Parents in this role work with uniform manager, Kiana, managing uniform distribution.   Supervise students in getting ready.  Make sure students are ready to go from head to toe including hair styles and verifying proper socks and shoes are being worn.  After game and competitions, make sure that the students have hung up the bibbers (pants) in the correct area.


Sounds like fun.  As you can see there are lots of opportunities to get involved.
If you have any questions, please email our Volunteer Coordinators.  Email addresses are on the Contact page.