District Volunteer Requirement

We are so glad that we have lots of parents who are interested in helping.  That means a lot to the group.  In order to be a volunteer, the district needs you to complete some paperwork and watch some videos.  This must be completed each school year.

Complete the Parent/Guardian Application Packet and give it the band director.  It asks what you are volunteering for.  In the Special Areas section select Band.  There is also an emergency card on the application.  That is for the school to keep on file in case something happens.  Please complete this as soon as you can.  It is required before you can volunteer.

When you show up to volunteer please sign in.  Sign out when you are done.  See the volunteer coordinator or designated representative for the sign in sheet.

Volunteer and Save

Looking for a creative way to pay for your child to be in the band?  Volunteer to work at the University of Phoenix Stadium for Cardinals games (and other events) to raise funds that can be used for band items that you would normally have to pay out-of-pocket.  This includes band shirts, shoes, gloves, instrument rental, and other fees.  In the spring it can help pay for your child’s California trip.

This year we’ve partnered with Kellis (High School) Marching Corps bandwagon (KMC Booster Club) to provide volunteers to work at the stadium.  The “earnings” are split between SMHS Bandwagon and KMC Booster Club based on the number of workers each organization provides.  Earnings credited to SMHS Bandwagon are then split 50/50.  Half of the earnings goes to fund the SMHS Bandwagon; the other half goes into an account for a student that you designate (usually your child).  Contact the SMHS Bandwagon Treasurer to apply accrued funds towards a valid band expense.

Culinary Craft Concepts manages all of the food booths at the stadium.  Background checks and formal training must take place before you are allowed to participate in the program.

Learn more about this new and exciting opportunity on the KMC Booster site.

Parent Volunteers Needed – Game Nights and Competitions

Each week we rely on our parent volunteers to ensure a successful performance.  Lots of work goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen.  Friday night football games help condition both the band and parents for upcoming competitions.  There are many ways to get involved.  We need several parents to help with each of the following positions.  You can signup online for one of these positions.  Which role would be best for you?

Ice & Water

Hydrate the band! Early in the season the students are performing in a full uniform while it is still hot.  They need to drink plenty of water to avoid overheating.  Parents filling this role arrive early to fill our coolers with ice and water.  For away games we ensure the water gets loaded on the truck with the other equipment.  Pass out cups of water to students while they warm up.  Move water jugs and cups into the stadium for students to use during the game.  Late in the 4th quarter dump out the coolers.  Get coolers packed on truck (away games/competitions).  Finally, return the coolers to their storage locations.

Truck Team

Move the band! All of the competitions and half of the football games are off site.  So the truck team helps move all the equipment.  Parents in this role arrive early and coordinate loading 100+ students worth of equipment into our 26 foot band equipment truck.  Once you arrive at the show – do it all in reverse.  Unpack the truck and let the kids get their equipment.  Reload the uniform racks and secure boxes in the truck for safe storage during the game/competition.  After the performance you’ll get the uniform racks and empty boxes back off the truck and reload it again.  Finally, return to the school and unload the truck for the final time.  Must enjoy hot sweaty work.  Cheerful disposition welcome.

Bus Chaperone

Move-em Orderly! For away games and competitions we need two parents per bus.  At the school check students onto the bus.  At the destination, verify the same list of students get back on the same bus.  Signal band director the bus is clear to depart.  Chapaerones sit in the middle between the boys and girls sections.

Assist Frontline

Take a Pit Stop! “The Pit” refers to the students at the very front of the band that don’t march around the field.  Help the students move equipment on and off the field.  At some competitions all students exit the field together for pictures and parents are responsible for moving all equipment off the field.  Also these parents need to be aware of the time constraints imposed during competitions.  The Pit is typically first on the field and last off the field and can’t start moving until signaled by the local authorities.  Starting early or exiting the field late result in penalties – so its important parents practice efficient movement at games to be ready for competitions.  Consistent game experience required to assist at competitions.

Assist Color Guard

Capture the Flag! Immediately after the performance help the color guard remove flags and other equipment from the field.

Drum Major Stands

Make our drum majors visible! SMHS has three drum majors.  In order to be seen by the entire band from anywhere on the field they are elevated on large metal stands.  For home games parents in this role setup the stands just before the half time show and take them down as soon as the show is complete.  Remove the stands from the field and return them to the storage location.  For away games you need to setup/remove the stands, but the show typically takes place before the game.  For competitions you’re responsible for getting the stands on the field, setup, break down, and get it off the field within the time constraints.


Dress the Band! These parents make sure our students look great.  Parents in this role help students get dressed before the show and make sure that the students have hung up the uniforms properly after the show.  For away games and competitions ensure that uniforms are ready to be loaded on the truck.  After students are dressed ensure that the uniform is neat and free of stay threads.  Verify proper socks are being worn.  Help shine shoes and shakos as needed.  Most students in the band wear a shako (hat).  The only part of the uniform that students don’t usually wear all the time is the feather plume that goes in the shako.  Parents assisting with uniforms also place the plumes in the shako right before the show and remove them right after the show.


Save the Show! Continuous improvement requires all shows and competitions are video taped for review and analysis.  Must be willing to setup on top of the announcers booth in stadiums.  Record every performance.


Sounds like fun.  As you can see there are lots of opportunities to get involved.  To get involved add your name to the online signup sheet.
If you have any questions ask any board member at a parent meeting, Mr. Smith, or reply to one of the emails from the Volunteer Coordinator.  Volunteer Emails are typically sent on Mondays and the day before a game/competition.